The migration scripts support variables. The variable is identified by adding $ symbols around variable name, e.g. $variableName$

Variables can only contain letters, digits, _ and - symbols. If there are any other characters between the $s it is not treated as a variable.

The variables can be escaped by adding additional $ symbol to the beginning - e.g. $$variableName$ would be converted to $variableName$.

$databaseName$ is added by default (used in Create database script) but you can specify additional variables by adding them in the Settings page by specifying:

  • Variable name (without $, e.g. localPath)
  • Variable value (e.g. C:\Databases)
  • A local override value (e.g. D:\Databases)

The value is being written into the Database.sqlproj file - to use other value when deploying changes locally, use Local override option (it is not saved to the project settings file).