New project

In the New project window, specify:

  • Folder on disk
  • Source database connection details
  • Temporary database connection details
  • Database comparison options
  • Variables

Folder on disk

Specify Folder on the disk where scripted database files (database objects, static data, and migrations) should be stored. Note that the directory should be empty.

Source database connection

Specify how the tool should connect to the database that will be versioned. Use Windows authentication or SQL authentication. For SQL authentication, the username/password combination will be saved in Windows Credential Manager.

Temporary database connection

To compare scripted database files and your database faster, a temporary database will be created from scripted database files.

Specify where should the tool create a temporary database for faster comparisons.

Database comparison options

Specify additional options on how databases should be compared.


Add additional variables to be used in migration scripts.

Next, specify the database's Objects filter.