DB Version Control is currently in BETA - the installed version works without any restrictions for 30 days. However, new BETA versions will be released more frequently than 30 days, and installing a newer version will extend the evaluation further.

It will be possible to use DB Version Control in two licensing options:

  • one time purchase
  • monthly/yearly subscription

One time purchase

Once you purchase the product, you can use the software without any time-based restrictions. In addition, you will get 1 year of included support and maintenance updates for free.

Once your free updates end, you can still use your current version of the software but you will not be able to use newer versions.

Subscription mode

You can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription and get always up to date software. You will be charged with upfront costs but can cancel anytime.

If you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to use the software (including older versions) - once the subscription ends, the software switches to evaluation mode.

Compare licensing options

  One time purchase Subscription
Initial cost X Y monthly/ Z yearly
Use purchased version Always Only if subscribed
Cancellation Not possible Cancel any time
Free updates For the duration of support (1 year) Always if subscribed