Initialize project

Click "Initialize" to script database into files.

"Initialize" will create the project's Create database and Baseline scripts.


One of the benefits of database versioning using version control systems is the use of different environments while developing the database (e.g. DEVELOPMENT, TEST, PRODUCTION). To support such development process and have a proper flow of changes between environments (e.g. DEV to TEST, TEST to PROD), the project should be initialized backward from PRODUCTION to TEST to DEVELOPMENT environments.

To initialize the project with multi-environment development process (if databases already exist and have different objects/static data):
- generate Baseline from PRODUCTION
- generate Baseline from TEST and migration script by comparing TEST to PRODUCTION
- generate Baseline from DEVELOPMENT and migration script by comparing DEVELOPMENT to TEST

DB Version Control makes generating such scrips easily - in the case above, add two environments (PRODUCTION and TEST to generate the scripts) and click Initialize to generate DEVELOPMENT environment scripts.

Moving changes between environments

Then, in order to transfer changes between environments, version control systems should be used to merge changes in the same was as source code is moved between environments.

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