Getting started

SQL Server Management Studio (18) and .NET Framework 4.8 are required to be installed before using DB Version Control software.

Download and start the installer. Once installed, start SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and click Tools > DB Version Control.

Start with a new project

Choose the database to be version controlled

Specify where scripted database files should be stored

Specify project options

Include schema objects

Choose schema objects to be version controlled

Pick objects by object type (table, view, ...), individually or by specifying complex rules (using regular expressions)

Include static data

Choose table data to be versioned

Specify how data should be scripted into files

Exclude columns from change tracking

Setup database baseline

"Initialize" will generate database baseline - a single script to create a database to the current state

All changes made after initializing will be generated as migration scripts

Make changes

Make changes to your database

Use Get changes to see changes you made

Pick the changes and Apply changes to generate the migration script

The generated migration script will be placed in the Migrations directory

Commit & deploy

Commit database files and scripts to your preferred version control system

Ready to deploy? Use Migration runner from Command lineMSBuild task or Powershell command to execute migration scripts on the target database