Frequently Asked Questions

How is DB Version Control different from other products out there?

There are couple key differences:

  • Migrations based approach
  • Automatically generated migration scripts include both schema and data changes that are applied in a single transaction
  • No additional expensive software needed to deploy changes
  • Static data versioning that helps understand static data changes
  • Use a version control system you prefer

My database changes rarely - is this product for me?

If there is no static data to version and you are comfortable with writing all change scripts manually, then this product is probably not for you.

Which database management systems are supported?

We support Microsoft SQL Server only.

How this tool helps understand static data changes?

Most of the tools script out data as INSERT INTO statements which could be very long (if there are many columns). If a column's value changes, it is very difficult to see what changed actually. It becomes even more difficult to understand the change if multiple related tables are involved.

This tool allows to create table hierarchy and script them as XML/JSON files - the regular file comparison tools will easily identify the changes made even to multiple related tables.